A quote from Invader Zim, “YOU LIE”

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In the wake of all of the fuss about Joe Wilson yelling “You Lie” to Obama, (incidentally Wilson was telling the truth about Obama lying at that moment, why do you think the house, in the wake of Wilson’s outburst, has moved to close the loophole in the proposed health care bill that would allow treatment to illegals?), I would like to point to another misguided statement by our sitting President.

In a recent Washington Post article President Obama has blamed the inability to enact change on the GOP. How silly. Yes silly, need I remind you that president Obama has a SUPERMAJORITY, yes the words Super and Majority are truncated together there, in the United States House of Representatives. There are a total of 258 Democrats, 178 Republicans and 1 vacant seat. What does this tell us? That President BOB doesn’t need the support of any Republicans to pass his agenda in the House. So how is the GOP responsible for halting reform?

Next we will look at the Senate. In the Senate the Democrats control 60 seats, yes two are independents but hey traditionally caucus with Democratic issues. That number gives Obama’s agenda a FILIBUSTER proof, remember that was talked about quite a bit during the Presidential Election of 2008, a filibuster proof majority. What does this mean? This means that the Republicans are powerless in stopping any of Obama’s agenda from passing in the Senate. So, once again I ask how the GOP is responsible for halting reform?

Of course many of you so called intellectuals on the left will whine and say that the GOP is disseminating disinformation on Obama’s Agenda which is causing the hold up. I say why should that stop President BOB? Again he and his ilk have a SUPERMAJORITY in the House and FILIBUSTER Proof Majority in the Senate. Well that really isn’t much of an argument I will admit so how about this; why are so many democrats and people from democrat voting states questioning Obama’s agenda, including DEMOCRATIC Congressmen, Congresswomen and Senators, or are you ignoring the reports on the Blue Dog Democrats and certain others like James Webb and Mark Warner of Virginia, who are voicing concern?

I would submit that these are the true obstacles to passing his agenda, because without the whole cohort of Democratic representatives he cannot get a whole lot passed. But there is something more important. Why is President BOB so concerned with GOP support? He has to have it. If these policies are passed without any support from the GOP and they tank, then the losses in the 2010 election will be incredibly substantial for the President and his party. If he has at least some support from the GOP he will be able to spread the blame around and stem some of the aforementioned losses. You could say that if all goes well and these reforms turn out to be gold he would be sitting pretty if he were able to attribute his successes to his own party without GOP support. But he continues to sue for GOP support. Think about that for a moment. If he is trying so hard to single out the GOP for lack of support there must be some awareness from the BOB White House on the future popularity of such reforms. For the sake of his own party BOB has to take some republicans down his highway to reform. If not and he fails the tables could very well be turned on him a year from this November.

This leads to the urgency of his push for Health Care Reform. President BOB speaks of the urgency of the emergency in passing this reform, but each variation of the bill presented would not take effect until at least 2013. Why is there such an urgent push to pass something so quickly without much careful thought, specifically when it is the very item that should be developed with care and attention to detail. Because if BOB cannot do it now he knows it won’t get done his way after the 2010 elections. That should speak volumes about the iffy nature of BOB’s current reforms.


Lies and the lying liars who tell them.

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I hate to do this but I have to coin this phrase from the most recent honorable moron in the senate, Al Franken. Liberals time and time again have said to the questioning public “hey ‘birthers’ here is BO’s birth certificate, duh, BO is an American Citizen, move on.” Chris Matthews has even shown this “birth certificate” on his television show berating a “birther” and saying, “here is the actual document.” LIE!

It strikes me as odd that Senator John McCain was required by congress to produce his birth certificate prior to his run for the presidency but BO himself is getting off scott free. Why, because for a liberal it is do as I say but not as I do, or is there something to hide on the behalf of BO’s birth certificate.

The birth certificate shown by Matthews and the liars on the left is actually a reprint certificate of live birth, a document reprint that can be issued by a local state office. This document is edited on a computer and printed out on a regular form using some form of printer, in the case of Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth, a printer made in the last 20 years or so. Here is a copy:

Not an Actual Birth Certificate

Not an Actual Birth Certificate

The problem with this certificate of live birth is that its origin is at the mercy of the prejudice of whoever sits at the computer terminal that generates the document. In other words, if I worked in my local state office I could reprint my Certificate of Live Birth and change my birth date to receive certain benefits that might go along with such a change, (I would really like to get senior discount without the aging problem).

In 1961 the actual birth certificate was a hand written document filled out at the moment of birth by the attending parents, someone to certify the birth, usually the physician in attendance, signature of the hospital registrar and name of the hospital, as well as date, time and state of birth. Here is an example of such a form from a babe born in BO’s self same state in 1978, 17 years after BO’s supposed birth date:

What BO's actual birth certificate should look like.

What BO's actual birth certificate should look like.

You will note from this sample that many of the required items on this 1978 Certificate of Live Birth are conspicuously absent from BO’s reprint. Why? Perhaps there is no original from which to obtain the correct information. Liberals and the aforementioned Liars could end this without all of the fuss and be sitting on their high horse feeling triumphant, they only need to produce the actual document filled out at BO’s birth. So why won’t they?

Perhaps it is because they fear the confirmation of something that Barack Obama’s own grandmother has supposedly affirmed, BO is not a naturally born American Citizen. Read her comments here: Grandma’s Comments

I need to add an addendum here, the state of Hawaii will authorize a certificate of live birth be printed for any state resident, even those who were not born in the United States. In other words the Certificate of Live Birth produced by Obama would not be admissible in court as legal proof that he was born in the state of Hawaii.

His refusal to release his actual birth certificate is in complete contradiction to his promise of hosting a “transparent” white house. This after Obama accused former President Bush and Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton of being to secretive. To date Obama has not released his health records, his voting records from Illinois, his college transcripts as well as many other documents that candidates and presidents alike have released. All of the above were released by President Bush, Candidates John McCain, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Albert Gore, Jr. For more info read here

Still Alive…. UGH!

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It seems like years since I have been here, a sad comment but those of you who have a wife… and children… and jobs… and handicapped family members… may comprehend the amount of free time available to write in a blog. But here I am, back today with an odd observation.

I live in the Washington DC metropolitan area, now I am a fair distance from ground zero, but twice a week I must head into town to teach and in doing so I must brave the clogged arteries of the city on my motorcycle. My students actually give me a bit of heat for the motorcycle thing, “Hey, some tuff guy are you?” and “How long have you been a gang member?” But when I tell them I average 52 miles per gallon they give me a very Homer Simpson like reaction, not to mention the fact that the motorcycle allows me to cut my travel time in half due to the HOV requirements here in DC.

But one of the odd things I note as I drive are the number of Obama stickers… on the back of Escalades, Suburbans, Expeditions and really large foreign vehicles such as M-Class Mercedes, M-Series Bimmers and any other luxury gas hog you can think of. Even more on the odd side of things are the number of these vehicles with 30 day tags, indicating that they have just been purchased. It seems that if you are an Obama supporter you are exempt from the “protect the environment” mantra that is being shoved down the throat of the rest of our citizens. Jumping to conclusions? Perhaps, but if you compare this with the new tax plan and the number of the current administration officials who have been negligent on their taxes we begin to see a pattern developing.

A month or so back John Stewart (Liebowitz) had an extremely funny comparison with regards to republican hypocrisy and their current rage at the Obama Administration. Yes it was funny, but I can also say to Mr. Stewart, “right back at you.” Many on the democratic side say “Get over it, we won you lost.” Funny how that didn’t apply back when Bush was elected for at least his second term. We still have MoveOn.org the perfect antithesis of the “get over it” mantra. During the Iraq War republicans called you “unpatriotic” if you did not support the war effort. Democrats railed against that. Now if you criticize Obama you are “racist.” Or in the case of a black friend of German descent who criticizes Obama. He has been told that he is not “really black,” or that he is an “Oreo Cookie.” He has even been called worse, terms I will not glorify by putting in print. More evidence of the pattern.

On a final note, during the Bush presidency, Democrats railed at the efforts of some local police departments targeting protest groups and organizations such as ACORN as potentially dangerous. Now that the political power has shifted to the Democratic side the Democrats have one upped that effort. The Department of Homeland Security under Janet Napolitano has decided on a national level that all conservative organizations are terrorists in waiting. The largest piece of the pattern is in place.

There is an “us versus them” mentality in this country that is bordering on the sentiments of American Society prior to the Civil War. There needs to be a complete house cleaning… and senate cleaning, so that we can start from the ground up.

Islam – Religion of Mutilation

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I am posting a link here, I actually saw this on European news many years ago but it is an important facet on the mindless nature of many of the followers of islam. If you are squeamish I would urge you not to view this. View Here

Many islamic groups practice a female version of circumcision where a “cleric/physician” removes the female child’s clitoris with an instrument resembling a garotte. As you will note from the images the preparations of the “cleric” follow the strictest rules of sanitation (being facetious here). I would call your attention to the expression of the young girl. No anesthetic is used for this procedure save for a simple dabbing of alcohol on the young ladies genitalia. The procedure usually takes place between the ages of 7 and 13, depending on the islamic sect. The special I saw on this procedure was a live documentary of the same being performed on a 13 year old Egyptian girl. If i can find the documentary I will post a link to it or embed it here, again it is a form of “civilized barbarism” that is difficult to stomach. After the procedure the young girl curses her parents and wishes that they all would die, strong words from a 13 year old.

Circumcision is a religious practice, in the Old Testament God commanded Abraham to circumcise each male child on the 8th day of his first month as a remembrance of the covenant God made with Abraham. As far as I know there is no provision for female circumcision, and I do not know if such a practice is taught out of the quran or the hadith. I need to make a distinction here because muslims, christian detractors and liberals attempt to equate this barbaric practice of islam with biblical circumcision.

The first thing I would say is note the primary time for the required circumcision, 8th day of the first month, so at 8 days old. I would ask all of you, males and females alike, what your memories are of your 8th day out of the womb? Secondly, male circumcision involves removing the excess skin, or prepuce, of the penis. The functionality of this piece of skin has been debated since time began I am sure but as functional organs go the prepuce is simply classified as “excess skin.” In contrast, the islamic circumcision of the female is the complete removal of the clitoris and hood, in essence removing the organ and the excess skin around it. Should we attempt to bring the male practice up to speed we would need to begin the procedure at an equal age… and remove the head of the penis as well as the excess skin. (a simple study of human anatomy would teach you this).

The most important point here is the following tidbit from the mother of the young lady in the article: “This is the practice of the Kurdish people for as long as anyone can remember… We don’t know why we do it, but we will never stop because Islam and our elders require it.” Now as I said earlier, I do not know whether this practice is required by the teachings of the quran or the hadith, but neither does this lady who follows her faith. I have already pointed out to you that the biblical practice was established by God in creating his covenant with Abraham and the promise of a God’s grace. Now, if you are not Jewish, or Christian, you will think I am nuts, but that is fine by me because I understand what the Lord requires of me. I do not follow blindly because my God has informed me and He teaches me to read, learn and understand: Proverbs 17:24 “Wisdom is before him that hath understanding; but the eyes of a fool are in the ends of the earth.”

As God has commanded me to learn I can discern the difference between mutilation and a religious observance, mutilation being the act of maiming or physically injuring someone as to negatively alter the appearance or function of the body. Some will undoubtedly argue the appearance part, but thousands of years have shown that male circumcision does not adversely alter the function of the male organs. Studying human anatomy and biology will teach you that female circumcision will definitely have an adverse affect on the functionality of the female organs. I will not go into detail as to how, but it has to do with nerve endings and stimulation. If you are going to attempt to argue against that I would say you might be delusional.

In terms of Christianity and being a Christian, I would say that the sacraments of circumcision and passover existed in old testament times to honor the foreshadowing of the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham. Since we have had that promise fulfilled in the birth, life, death and resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ, His new covenant established two new sacraments that we do in remembrance of His great ministry and sacrifice, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. If many of you study your History you will note that Christian Europeans did not practice male circumcision, possibly due to the understanding of scripture. Circumcision did not become widespread in the US until the 1920’s for purportedly sanitary reasons. For those of you who would like to argue against the “Christian” practice of circumcision, get your facts down before you make such idiotic arguments.

Finally, we hear, see and read about many of the strange events coming out of islam, but many of these are so fantastic that we miss the finer details. I often say that our culture has become so enthralled with sensationalism and catastrophe that we miss the little blessings in them. With regards to islam I will revise my saying and make the observation that we have become so blinded by the larger assaults coming out of islam that we miss the little atrocities. As the world gathers to condemn israel’s assault on gaza, I would remind you that Hamas has been launching mortar rounds and rockets into israel for the past 30 or 40 years now. Just as with this story on Sheelan Anwar Omer, we have missed the little atrocities that are behind the larger ones.

New look and new thoughts…

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WordPress has updated their engine, much cooler interface, oooh very nice. I might have to look for or develop a new theme for the IrishBison home.

A momentous and very sad event happened this past Wednesday, a group of students graduated from the college wherein I work. OK a group if students graduated, so what. Well… this was a once in a lifetime bunch. To be sure there a number coming up through the ranks whom I feel the same about, (grammar?) but they will be staggered here and there and end up graduating with some of the schmucks. This quarter the stars aligned and the whole presentation class was comprised of extremely talented, intelligent, hardworking and downright fun students. I often tell people how proud I am of these young people and I think they find it difficult to understand how a teacher can have such strong emotions for his or her students. Many suggest it is a selfish emotion because I had a hand in instructing them, but that isn’t it. Of course I lay down the laws and rules that build their foundation, but they have to have the drive and passion to pick it up and run with it. This group had that and that is why I am proud of them. They will be a credit to the industry I love so much and help it to live and grow.

Changing Times?

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There is a little line of dialogue that goes on between Stephanie Powers and Maureen O’Hara in the 1963 Film McClintock that runs around in my head a lot these days. The line reads like this: Maureen O’Hara: “It’s sad these changing times.” Stephanie Powers: “It’s not the times that are changing Mama, it’s the people.”

Every time I hear the “its a living document” comment from some “intellectual” when speaking regarding the Holy Scriptures or the Constitution it is like someone is pushing the play button on a cassette recorder in my brain and that line plays on (OK so the cassette was the normative thing for the better part of my lifetime, so for you younger folks think CD or MP3 player). I generally prefer when Hollywood does not preach some other person’s opinion, but this simple dialog speaks a volume of truth. Throughout history societies have been born in strife, grown, thrived and then fallen through avarice, greed and decadence. I am not going to go through a bunch of examples, all I ask you to do is read a little history and you will see a pattern develop.

Once again something has reminded me of this, something I will link for you below, please watch it. Before you do however, I would like to bring your attention to this quote from John Stuart Mill, someone who I do not wholly agree with, but he offered this, which I think will add a bit to what you are about to watch:

“War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”

Please follow this link to view an excellent piece sent to me by my good friend David Hays:

Gray Eagles

Chaplin Revisited

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Charlie Chaplin lives again in the form of a small robot named WALL-E. Pixar has truly out done itself. This animated movie has touched on some of the most beautiful moments of storytelling from ages gone by and brought them once again shining to the silver screen. I have heard a lot of parents say that their children have not understood this film… it is not understanding they lack, but appreciation for the better things of the past. Now I don’t want to relive the past, I like my modern comforts (mmmm…. air conditioning), but I think every kid should have to learn about some of the film greats of the past. With limited resources directors of the past were able to make us laugh, cry, hate and love all through simple attention to storytelling, screen composition, character juxtaposition and lighting. The effects we have gotten used to were unthinkable as past generations went to the movies. PIxar has put the two together and come up with a masterpiece. The movie is mostly pantomime in a pure Chaplin sense, and believe it or not, the delicate emotions of two machines bring us completely and thoroughly into their world. I will not spoil the whole in case some one who has not seen it chances on this article, but at a certain point in the film I was totally engrossed in the wonder of what was happening and I happened to look down at my 7 year old daughter. She was in tears. She, as well as I, had become a part of the world Pixar had created. This excellence of storytelling was exemplified even more when my 5 year old son crawled into my lap for the same reasons that my daughter was crying. This movie is story telling at its best. As an added bonus, the introductory short that has become s standard feature of PIXAR releases, pays equal homage to some of the great animated shorts of the past, making this such a complete experience I think I won’t need to see another animated film for years… did I say that. Well, the Princess and the Frog will be hitting theatres next year, so at least until then, WALL-E is hands down the best feature length animation to come out of DIsney/PIXAR… ever.