About the Irish Bison

The Irish Bison is a mythical creature that roams the Caha Mountains between counties Kerry and Cork. It is a large black bison with a green and an orange horn terrorizing little children and eating their parents for breakfast.

Ok not so true, but fun. The reality, Irish Background, Native American Sur-Name, hence IrishBison. I have spent a lot of time overseas, but currently reside in Wash Dish, the Capital of the United States. I was raised in Germany, Yugoslavia, Russia (Pre-Glasnost) and France, with a trip or two back home and many to other fine countries. There was a time when I could speak German, French and a smidgen of Russian and Serbo-Croatian, but the cobwebs of the mind cloud such things. I try to keep up but it gets tough.

I am a college professor of art, with a degree in psychology, go figure. I do hold a Master of Fine Arts. In my one prima donna rant I will say please do not confuse this with a master’s, it isn’t. I spent twice the amount of time in the classroom as a master’s student and four times that amount working on my thesis and dissertation. And contrary to popular belief, it does help with pay scale.


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