Black and Blue Friday

A while back I found myself entangled in an argument with an Episcopal Priest focusing on the nature of President Obama’s Christianity, or lack thereof. I made the comment over lunch that the President was quickly showing us that he was not, in fact, a Christian. This young priest lit me up arguing that Obama was a professing Christian and who was I to judge his faith. I responded with, “I am not judging his faith, I am discerning that he does not show me the characteristics of faith.” After all, are we not taught through scripture this principle, “by their fruits ye shall know them?” Matthew 17:16,20. Scripture admonishes us in many places to discern those who bear fruit so we can walk with and associate with them, I Kings, Psalms, Proverbs, Acts, I Corinthians, I Timothy, I John, etc. How can we follow this if we cannot discern those who walk the path? In doing so am I not able to discern one who professes and not walks?

At the time of the argument one of my main points against Obama’s walk was his lack of Church attendance, some of you may object, but Jesus did say “If ye love me, keep my commandments,” one of which is to observe the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy. The other was the active engagement in class warfare, or redistribution of wealth, which is clearly contrary to the teachings of the 10th commandment, “thou shalt not covet.” The key thing about fruit bearing is, that if the fruits of the spirit are not evident then the fruits of the flesh will be. This mantra of class warfare that is promoted by President Obama has been with us longer than Obama has been in the political spectrum, but his open embrace of it shows me even more that he is not the Christian he claims to be. For his sake I would pray that his understanding changes, but the fruits of that mantra were spelled out this past Friday, as rampaging greed for material things resulted in chaos across our once selfless nation. I give you a link a more eloquent writing on the subject here. Sad really, even more depressing that a man of the cloth cannot see it.


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