The road to hell is paved with…

I was taking an online quiz and ran across that introductory statement; it struck me as funny. Funny in that I had not heard it in a long while. It led me to remember a number of such statements that it seems our society has forgotten, or have we really forgotten them?

My pastor likes to say that the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel. In this he means that the little things that people do to make themselves feel good, or satisfy their need to feel useful, things that are seemingly helpful, are actually a bane to those that they are intended to help. Take welfare for example, has it helped get people situated to being successful or has it bred a large group of society tethered to the federal government’s umbilical chord? I think the statistics and numbers support the latter half of that statement.

Another example would be the move in the public schools to make the curriculum work for everyone. In “equalizing” the curriculum of our public education system we have dumbed down the core of learning so much so that the majority of our students entering college have serious problems with basic functions that should have been honed by their secondary education. Once again something enacted as a tender mercy that has actually hurt the intended target of the action. (please call BS on my comment and then come and visit with me so I can show you the many term papers and projects written by my students that are covered in red ink). My own children are involved in a program based off of a curriculum that dates back to the 1950’s, with updated information of course; they are scoring far above their public school counterparts. Students who are two or three grades ahead of my kids.

In an earlier post I wrote about how tolerance in my day delineated a group of behaviors that would not be allowed, but today the term is used to allow any sort of behavior that a person can come up with. When did pedophilia become a normal and healthy thing? According to NAMBLA (I am not going to spell out the name behind the acronym, please look that up for yourself) such behavior is perfectly okay; and there are people telling us that opposition to such behaviors is “cruel and non-inclusive.” I recall the words of the late James Kennedy, “tolerance is the last virtue of a degenerate nation.”

One of the most common questions of our society today is why have things gone so wrong when we see the news reports of violence, unsettling behavior, rudeness, racism and the like. Perhaps we need to simply look at some of the old tried and true methods we have re-written in the name of “kindness.” After all, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”


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