A quote from Invader Zim, “YOU LIE”

In the wake of all of the fuss about Joe Wilson yelling “You Lie” to Obama, (incidentally Wilson was telling the truth about Obama lying at that moment, why do you think the house, in the wake of Wilson’s outburst, has moved to close the loophole in the proposed health care bill that would allow treatment to illegals?), I would like to point to another misguided statement by our sitting President.

In a recent Washington Post article President Obama has blamed the inability to enact change on the GOP. How silly. Yes silly, need I remind you that president Obama has a SUPERMAJORITY, yes the words Super and Majority are truncated together there, in the United States House of Representatives. There are a total of 258 Democrats, 178 Republicans and 1 vacant seat. What does this tell us? That President BOB doesn’t need the support of any Republicans to pass his agenda in the House. So how is the GOP responsible for halting reform?

Next we will look at the Senate. In the Senate the Democrats control 60 seats, yes two are independents but hey traditionally caucus with Democratic issues. That number gives Obama’s agenda a FILIBUSTER proof, remember that was talked about quite a bit during the Presidential Election of 2008, a filibuster proof majority. What does this mean? This means that the Republicans are powerless in stopping any of Obama’s agenda from passing in the Senate. So, once again I ask how the GOP is responsible for halting reform?

Of course many of you so called intellectuals on the left will whine and say that the GOP is disseminating disinformation on Obama’s Agenda which is causing the hold up. I say why should that stop President BOB? Again he and his ilk have a SUPERMAJORITY in the House and FILIBUSTER Proof Majority in the Senate. Well that really isn’t much of an argument I will admit so how about this; why are so many democrats and people from democrat voting states questioning Obama’s agenda, including DEMOCRATIC Congressmen, Congresswomen and Senators, or are you ignoring the reports on the Blue Dog Democrats and certain others like James Webb and Mark Warner of Virginia, who are voicing concern?

I would submit that these are the true obstacles to passing his agenda, because without the whole cohort of Democratic representatives he cannot get a whole lot passed. But there is something more important. Why is President BOB so concerned with GOP support? He has to have it. If these policies are passed without any support from the GOP and they tank, then the losses in the 2010 election will be incredibly substantial for the President and his party. If he has at least some support from the GOP he will be able to spread the blame around and stem some of the aforementioned losses. You could say that if all goes well and these reforms turn out to be gold he would be sitting pretty if he were able to attribute his successes to his own party without GOP support. But he continues to sue for GOP support. Think about that for a moment. If he is trying so hard to single out the GOP for lack of support there must be some awareness from the BOB White House on the future popularity of such reforms. For the sake of his own party BOB has to take some republicans down his highway to reform. If not and he fails the tables could very well be turned on him a year from this November.

This leads to the urgency of his push for Health Care Reform. President BOB speaks of the urgency of the emergency in passing this reform, but each variation of the bill presented would not take effect until at least 2013. Why is there such an urgent push to pass something so quickly without much careful thought, specifically when it is the very item that should be developed with care and attention to detail. Because if BOB cannot do it now he knows it won’t get done his way after the 2010 elections. That should speak volumes about the iffy nature of BOB’s current reforms.


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