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Lies and the lying liars who tell them.

Posted in Sounding Off on August 1, 2009 by Irish Bison

I hate to do this but I have to coin this phrase from the most recent honorable moron in the senate, Al Franken. Liberals time and time again have said to the questioning public “hey ‘birthers’ here is BO’s birth certificate, duh, BO is an American Citizen, move on.” Chris Matthews has even shown this “birth certificate” on his television show berating a “birther” and saying, “here is the actual document.” LIE!

It strikes me as odd that Senator John McCain was required by congress to produce his birth certificate prior to his run for the presidency but BO himself is getting off scott free. Why, because for a liberal it is do as I say but not as I do, or is there something to hide on the behalf of BO’s birth certificate.

The birth certificate shown by Matthews and the liars on the left is actually a reprint certificate of live birth, a document reprint that can be issued by a local state office. This document is edited on a computer and printed out on a regular form using some form of printer, in the case of Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth, a printer made in the last 20 years or so. Here is a copy:

Not an Actual Birth Certificate

Not an Actual Birth Certificate

The problem with this certificate of live birth is that its origin is at the mercy of the prejudice of whoever sits at the computer terminal that generates the document. In other words, if I worked in my local state office I could reprint my Certificate of Live Birth and change my birth date to receive certain benefits that might go along with such a change, (I would really like to get senior discount without the aging problem).

In 1961 the actual birth certificate was a hand written document filled out at the moment of birth by the attending parents, someone to certify the birth, usually the physician in attendance, signature of the hospital registrar and name of the hospital, as well as date, time and state of birth. Here is an example of such a form from a babe born in BO’s self same state in 1978, 17 years after BO’s supposed birth date:

What BO's actual birth certificate should look like.

What BO's actual birth certificate should look like.

You will note from this sample that many of the required items on this 1978 Certificate of Live Birth are conspicuously absent from BO’s reprint. Why? Perhaps there is no original from which to obtain the correct information. Liberals and the aforementioned Liars could end this without all of the fuss and be sitting on their high horse feeling triumphant, they only need to produce the actual document filled out at BO’s birth. So why won’t they?

Perhaps it is because they fear the confirmation of something that Barack Obama’s own grandmother has supposedly affirmed, BO is not a naturally born American Citizen. Read her comments here: Grandma’s Comments

I need to add an addendum here, the state of Hawaii will authorize a certificate of live birth be printed for any state resident, even those who were not born in the United States. In other words the Certificate of Live Birth produced by Obama would not be admissible in court as legal proof that he was born in the state of Hawaii.

His refusal to release his actual birth certificate is in complete contradiction to his promise of hosting a “transparent” white house. This after Obama accused former President Bush and Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton of being to secretive. To date Obama has not released his health records, his voting records from Illinois, his college transcripts as well as many other documents that candidates and presidents alike have released. All of the above were released by President Bush, Candidates John McCain, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Albert Gore, Jr. For more info read here