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Still Alive…. UGH!

Posted in Sounding Off on April 28, 2009 by Irish Bison

It seems like years since I have been here, a sad comment but those of you who have a wife… and children… and jobs… and handicapped family members… may comprehend the amount of free time available to write in a blog. But here I am, back today with an odd observation.

I live in the Washington DC metropolitan area, now I am a fair distance from ground zero, but twice a week I must head into town to teach and in doing so I must brave the clogged arteries of the city on my motorcycle. My students actually give me a bit of heat for the motorcycle thing, “Hey, some tuff guy are you?” and “How long have you been a gang member?” But when I tell them I average 52 miles per gallon they give me a very Homer Simpson like reaction, not to mention the fact that the motorcycle allows me to cut my travel time in half due to the HOV requirements here in DC.

But one of the odd things I note as I drive are the number of Obama stickers… on the back of Escalades, Suburbans, Expeditions and really large foreign vehicles such as M-Class Mercedes, M-Series Bimmers and any other luxury gas hog you can think of. Even more on the odd side of things are the number of these vehicles with 30 day tags, indicating that they have just been purchased. It seems that if you are an Obama supporter you are exempt from the “protect the environment” mantra that is being shoved down the throat of the rest of our citizens. Jumping to conclusions? Perhaps, but if you compare this with the new tax plan and the number of the current administration officials who have been negligent on their taxes we begin to see a pattern developing.

A month or so back John Stewart (Liebowitz) had an extremely funny comparison with regards to republican hypocrisy and their current rage at the Obama Administration. Yes it was funny, but I can also say to Mr. Stewart, “right back at you.” Many on the democratic side say “Get over it, we won you lost.” Funny how that didn’t apply back when Bush was elected for at least his second term. We still have the perfect antithesis of the “get over it” mantra. During the Iraq War republicans called you “unpatriotic” if you did not support the war effort. Democrats railed against that. Now if you criticize Obama you are “racist.” Or in the case of a black friend of German descent who criticizes Obama. He has been told that he is not “really black,” or that he is an “Oreo Cookie.” He has even been called worse, terms I will not glorify by putting in print. More evidence of the pattern.

On a final note, during the Bush presidency, Democrats railed at the efforts of some local police departments targeting protest groups and organizations such as ACORN as potentially dangerous. Now that the political power has shifted to the Democratic side the Democrats have one upped that effort. The Department of Homeland Security under Janet Napolitano has decided on a national level that all conservative organizations are terrorists in waiting. The largest piece of the pattern is in place.

There is an “us versus them” mentality in this country that is bordering on the sentiments of American Society prior to the Civil War. There needs to be a complete house cleaning… and senate cleaning, so that we can start from the ground up.