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New look and new thoughts…

Posted in Uncategorized on December 19, 2008 by Irish Bison

WordPress has updated their engine, much cooler interface, oooh very nice. I might have to look for or develop a new theme for the IrishBison home.

A momentous and very sad event happened this past Wednesday, a group of students graduated from the college wherein I work. OK a group if students graduated, so what. Well… this was a once in a lifetime bunch. To be sure there a number coming up through the ranks whom I feel the same about, (grammar?) but they will be staggered here and there and end up graduating with some of the schmucks. This quarter the stars aligned and the whole presentation class was comprised of extremely talented, intelligent, hardworking and downright fun students. I often tell people how proud I am of these young people and I think they find it difficult to understand how a teacher can have such strong emotions for his or her students. Many suggest it is a selfish emotion because I had a hand in instructing them, but that isn’t it. Of course I lay down the laws and rules that build their foundation, but they have to have the drive and passion to pick it up and run with it. This group had that and that is why I am proud of them. They will be a credit to the industry I love so much and help it to live and grow.