Of all the !)(*^&#@!*(*^$!*&@(*U#@!

Well, once again, completely ashamed at the infrequency with which I write, too much time, so little to do… wait a minute, strike that, reverse it. I find it quite funny that President Bush has taken so many beatings for being so inept that he had to choose a Vice President who could run things behind the scenes yet now the mighty Obama has done the same thing in selecting Joe Biden but Obama is a genius for choosing a veep to run things behind the scenes. The horror.

Like an idiot today I chose to upgrade to Firefox 3.01… DON”T DO IT!!!!!!!! A genuinely non-intuitive UI with really bizarre features such as a customizable address bar that no longer stores simply history and for some reason defaults to showing all of your bookmarks. The only way to customize it is to become a computer engineer (involves adding or editing the scripting behind the scenes). The folks at Mozilla have succumbed to the dreadful Microsoft Disease… pump out crap because the people want it and damn the bugs! Don’t get me wrong, I own plenty of cool Microsoft Toys and many Apple toys as well (yes folks they all crash) but this desire to get something to market prior to fine tuning is insanely frustrating.

A very sad thing happened in the lives of some friends of ours this past week. Our friends gave birth to a new baby girl who was seemingly healthy however not two days later she passed away due to a congenital heart defect that went undetected. The amazing thing to me is the strength that they have had with this through their faith in God. Of course they mourn the loss of the girl, but they hold up as blessed the few moments they had with her and that she had with them. The mother actually wrote a beautiful piece about the sovereignty of God in the death of their baby, a title I have swiped from a similar piece written in 1988 by the Rev. Donald A. Dunkerley on the same subject. Very medicine making.  I think that the sensationalist nature of our world today causes us to miss the wonderful little rays of light that pour out of tragedy.


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