The New Barbarism

I made the mistake of watching the video of the young girl getting beaten by a number of her classmates last night. What has gone wrong in our country? The father of the victim was asked the same question by a news reporter. When he answered that our country has removed the decent things from society and taken God out of the school systems the reporter cut to a break before he could get the last part out. The truth hurts, and no one wants to hear it. While I did grow up outside of the US for the most part, my father was stationed here in Wash Dish for a short three year period. Back in those days there were fights, usually fostered by some sort of hierarchy in the school, and generally carried out by the kids who came from troubled families. I was jumped almost every week for two years because I was the kid from Russia (previous post for my Father). Fortunately my father insisted that I learn how to defend myself so often the result was someone learning a powerful lesson in humility, but there were a few who felt that in beating me they would somehow gain in social prominence so they would keep on trying. Again, all of them came from “troubled” families. See a pattern here? Back then “troubled” families, for the most part, consisted of single parent families where the child had less guidance at home, either because mom or dad had to work all day, or they simply did not care about the children. A few were kids who had a parent, usually dad, locked up for some issue that he committed as the result of being from a troubled family in his youth. Some were children of parents so worried about personal gain that they had no time for their kids. Today troubled families are the norm. 50% of American families end in divorce, add to that the number of orphans and children of convicted criminals and the single parented kids become the norm. Coupled with the material desire of our nation, make more money, drive the biggest car, etc, etc, most kids are left by the wayside while moms and dad vigorously engage in the pursuit of happiness. The problem with that happiness is that it is fleeting. Even the APA (American Psychological Ass’n, emphasis on the first three of the last four letters) show that the pursuit of material desire is a never ending cycle because one cannot get enough, and who gets left behind? Our children. Now we look back at the father of the poor young victim of that heinous crime and his comment. Perhaps he is right.

So who am I, being a self righteous soap box preacher? I fully admit I have the same failings that we all do. Four years ago I fell into the modern trap, working my derrière off spending 10 plus hours a day at the office and spending little or no time with my wife and kids so we could have two nice cars, two motorcycles and a sailboat, close enough to happiness to almost end in divorce. Providentially I learned that true happiness isn’t who dies with the most toys wins, but that happiness is the family I have now, my wife and children. These things are taught in the scriptures of our Judeo-Christian faith. Because we have removed the text book from our learning, the true meanings of happiness are lost and misguided young girls will brutally damage another for a chance at attention and fame, something they probably are not getting from Mom and Dad.


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