He Said What?

I wonder if, at the beginning of the American Revolution, George Washington and the boys put an “end date” on their calendar? Or perhaps Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and Charles de Gaulle sat down and said, “Hey, if it isn’t finished by this date, we withdraw!”

There can be no argument as to why we are there anymore, we are there, get the job done. WWII ended in 1945, as I recall there a still American Troops in Germany and Japan. Korea, hindered by political quarreling, still housing the U.S. Military circa 1950. Both took a while to stabilize at after the cessation of hostilities.

Some may point out that Vietnam may be doing well, but they still have a strong single party government that disallows any dissenting opinion. And their economy is growing due to the realization of the “single party government” that a free market economy might be better than a socially controlled one, passing such reforms in 1986. So their prosperity is founded on a capitalist base.

There will be lots of rants and raves against such info, just folks angry with reality.


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